Monday, 1 October 2012

Player 3 has cut his hair

Since my last post way back in March, which wasn't really a post of any interest, more a pic. I have changed my image somewhat. My own Mother wouldn't have recognised me (if she hadn't have been kidnapped by those pirates and sold to a life of paperwork in a Caldari corporate office that is) or something.

Anyway, I'll keep my old pic on the blog bio, just in case CONCORD show up accusing me of using somebody else's pilot's licence.

Straight cut down to the bone. Clean shaven these days too. I heard that some ladies like that, non?

How you doin?

I hope to find some decent killmails soon too. I did pod some n00b who was loitering outside a station in Egbinger. Took home some bacon from the bounty office too.

Bounties. Looking through my old paperwork it seems I'm quite good at this actually. Same guy twice, notorious criminal type. Life is good, and why shouldn't it be? I'm a bounty hunter ... or am I?

Bounties are changing soon.

Maybe I could become a professional bounty hunter warrior type? I might see what the pension is like first.


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